From Distant Stars (April 2018)

Mystery Object Discovered Under Magentan Polar Ice

Scientists working with the Magenta Institute Polar Expedition have released images from ground penetrating radar of an object visible through the Magentan polar ice. The object, discovered during a routine survey, was initially mistaken for a rock formation; however the new survey shows the object to be metallic in nature and categorically not a natural formation. The Magenta Institute Polar Expedition commenced its survey of Magenta’s polar regions two months ago with the objective of. . . Details

‘It’s been all over the media today. Everyone’s talking about it.’

I stared at the images. ‘It’s a spaceship.’ Couldn’t really be that though.

‘You mean it looks like a spaceship.’ She was chiding me.

‘I suppose. It looks a lot like a spaceship.’

‘Duh! That’s why it’s all over every news channel and why it’s going to break off-world too. Then we’ll find out– ’

‘How long has it been there?’

Liss cackled. ‘That’s the question! At least a hundred years. Maybe a lot more. Was it here before the first settlers came? Because if it was then it has to be a Masters’ ship. Unless . . . unless it was here before the Masters came too, in which case . . .’

It was late, and I was dog-tired. ‘It’s probably a rock, you know? An odd-shaped rock. Or maybe it’s an old Fleet interplanetary cruiser that had some sort of accident back in the early days. They came down where they could and . . . Mind you, it would have to be in the first colonial days. Before there was a global satellite network and search and rescue. That would narrow it down to . . .’

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