There’s no particular rhyme or reason to these links. They’re either useful, helpful or I simply like them.

  • Art

    • Stephen Youll Responsible for the superb US cover art for the Memory of Flames trilogy
    • The art of Dominic Harman Excellent fantasy art
    • The art of Hoang Nguyen Face look familiar…? Hoang did an original piece of art for mew a long time ago that was supposed to be Myla. Sadly, I’ve lost track of him over the years.
  • Friends

    • A link from our sponsor See who will be moving house and who will be high and dry when the sea levels rise.
    • Alex’s blog. Intermittent but always varied and usually enlightening. Alex hosts this website. Be nice to him.
  • Miscellaneous

  • Review sites

    • Zero Punctuation Ok, these are reviews of video games, not genre fiction. They are, however, the most entertaining reviews of anything that I’ve ever seen.
  • Writing