Sponsor a Football Team (21/6/2012)

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Ever wanted to sponsor a football team? Number two son plays in a local juniors team who are looking for sponsors for a three year deal with next season’s under-8 A-team (which will be their under-9 team in the 2013-14 season and their under-10 team in the 2014-15 season). So £250.00  will get your logo on the team shirts (which are basically pretty close to being a Celtic strip unless they change it) for three years. The squad has ten or possibly eleven boys in it  so the sponsorship will obviously reach them and their parents, but beyond that there are two other similar-sized squads of the same ages, the teams they play against and, to some extent, the rest of the club (which I understand is a fairly sizeable outfit as far as these things go with around 500 fixtures every season across all its teams).

The team coaches and the club officials will have final say on what they consider an acceptable sponsor and logo. Usually sponsorships come from local small businesses and I’d do it myself if I wrote books for children. As it is, there’s an opportunity for a publisher or author to market books directly to a group of children and I will enthusiastically shout about it if anyone does.

Anyone interested, please get in touch.