Adamantine Palace: First Edit in Progress (29/7/08)

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Simon has finally sent me through all his comments on the first draft of The Adamantine Palace and it seems like we’re still on the same sort of wavelength. Nothing that requires any major rework by the looks of it. Work on King of the Crags is now suspended for the summer, to be resumed in September (probably).

First Reader is immensely smug. The first thing Simon’s notes say are: ‘My most serious quibble is with the end…’

Damn. Out-voted.

The Adamatine Palace (trailer)

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Trailers… Much more fun than writing a synopsis!

King of the Crags (taster)

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Bear with me on the numerous typos and other mistakes littering this passage. The keyboard writes and having writ moves on, and doesn’t come back to sort that sort of thing out until the very end.

The Adamantine Palace (taster)

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I heard a rumour… It was just a rumour…
I heard a rumour… What have you done to her…?

-Siouxsie Sioux: Arabian Knights-

The Snow Fox (New Horizons, 2008)

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Probably the first thing I ever finished that was worth reading, this started life as an exercise in descriptive prose and ended up surprising me. With thanks to Lord Byron.