Christmas Cheer (27/12/11)

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In the spirit of the season, have a present – an excerpty thingy.

Being a seson of not doing much real work, this is one of those times of year when I think about what comes next. So on the cards at the moment, we have:

  • Heroic fantasy in which a soldier and a scholar chase a demon across the ruins of a once-great empire.
  • Time-travelling teenagers
  • Minoan steampunk
  • A thirties-noir style fantasy in which wizards are madmen locked up in cages and the dead rise from old battlefields.
  • A vaguely sensible attempt at some Martian SF
  • Something I can’t even begin to describe but involves a magical parakeet from Belgium who speaks deathless wisdom and can defy time.

I’d say let me know here who you fancy, but it’s the parrot, isn’t it…

The Black Mausoleum – Chapter Two: Bloodsalt

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Some parts of the dragon-realms fared better than others, when the War of Speakers came to its head and the rogue dragons burst out of the mountains and swept across the desert. Me? I wasn’t in those parts. And Bloodsalt? That fared worst of all.
– Skjorl

Happy Solstice, Yule, Christmas Etc.

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Dragon and goblin

Hooded Man With Sword Spotted In Throne-Room (13/12/11)

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Here’s the cover for the last of the three Thief-Taker books. A shady fellow with a hood and a swanky sword skulking around a throne-room at night? Could this be the The King’s Assassin, perchance? I think, at last, it could be. Berren, at last, on the cover of one of his books. I want his boots.

kings assassin new

Vicarious Pleasures (8/12/2011)

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Ladies and gentlemen,

It has come to my attention that there may be some people out there who do actually deserve to be eaten by dragons. It has also come to my attention that I have some spare spear-carrier characters in The Black Mausoleum who do, indeed, suffer this fate, but also last long enough to get names.

Suggestions, are welcomed. I was thinking fictional (your favourite game character, the character that the really annoying guy you knew in school used to play who never got his come-uppance, your GM’s favourite NPC Jones (the one who has the +10 Amulet of Plot Immunity and is always one step ahead of everything). However, given that I’m currently toying with “Sepp” or possibly “Blatter” or possibly both, I suppose others may at least amuse me, so go for it. Sadly “Fred Goodwin” doesn’t really fit as the name for an Adamantine Man. I think I may give him a cartoon soon.


PS: A couple of recent new reviews for The Thief-Taker’s Apprentice: “skilfully crafted” (Quippe) and “realistic, complex characters, with a realistic, complex relationship and adventures to match” Specusphere