Hot to Trot (14/7/09)

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The thing with doing a weekly sort of journal update thing is this: Sometimes weeks go by and absolutely nothing happens. Then authors feel unloved and whinge that their editors never respond to their e-mails, their requests for “publicity” freebies or their need to for a public signing session in Buckingham Palace.

Other weeks are like this week. On Friday and Saturday, I’d have liked to rant at great length about Torchwood, and how it was an object lesson in how to make something that had 90% of everything absolutely right to be AWESOME and make it incredibly LAME by being pointlessly LAZY with the plot. Which is a real pity. Could have had a place in the Hall of Fame of modern TV Science Fiction, but won’t. But now I’ve done most of my ranting all over various people’s Facebook pages instead, and repeating myself here feels vaguely hollow.

On Sunday I had in mind to say something about movie trailers. Monday was going to be Swine Flu. Let’s face it, on the book front, the only news is that there is no news, everything is proceeding nicely to plan and the website’s have a bit of a refresh and<yawn> zzz….. Yeah, I know. Today was still going to be a Swine Flu rant too, but then I accidentally read SFX.

Fellow Gollancz fantasy author Joe Abercrombie is in the the SFX hot top 50 list. Actually, several authors and screen writers are up in there. Well, after that, nothing else matters that much. I’m rendered speechless and so I’m off to bathe in some very dimly reflected glory.