The trials of Celebrity (23/1/2009)

Pillaged from the interweb

“Suzanne McLeod got Mark, Karen and I invited to David Devereux after party at the Phoenix Club as part of the launch of his new novel, Eagle Rising. We had a brilliant time and got to chat with several of the authors and we were introduced to a new rising star at Gollancz, Stephen Deas, whose upcoming novel, The Adamantine Palace, is to be published in March 2009.”

Stuff like this makes me want to jump up and down and wave my hands and go “SQUEEEE!” like some girly teenage cheerleader type. Of course, I only do that on the inside. On the outside, I merely frown. Or more probably put on some expression that ends up looking like a constipated Klingon. It had never occurred to me until now, though, that other people might get that same sensation merely from being in the august presence of the new dragonlord. It’s a frightening thought; after all, I too was only there because a proper author, who’s actually got a book that’s printed and in shops and that you can actually buy and stuff like that was kind enough to invite me

Rising star? I think I’ve gone up a cap-size. Possibly two. Squeee…

Fortunately there’s always the occasional blast from the past (a pleasure, Mr Proven) to remind one of ones grubby goth-biker history. And if that’s not enough, I’m quite certain I can rely on certain other parties to fill the house with scornful laughter at the very thought of such nonsense.

So that’s that silliness sorted, right?

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