Book Giveaway – The Black Mausoleum (21/1/2013)

Here’s a thing not to do: Write 80% of the first draft of something, go and do a stack of other things for three months, then come back and try to write the last 20% imagining you still know everything that was going on and understand the characters. . . Anyway, the first draft of The Black Mausoleum III: The Splintered God is almost done now. The Black Mausoleum II: Dragon Queen is apparently coming out in August now (Not My Fault this time!), and it’s been a while since I put up a precious original Black Mausoleum title, so here goes. There probably won’t be another copy going up for quite some time.

The Black Mausoleum was a deliberate change of approach over the previous dragon books. Gone are the political machinations and the wheels within wheels – this is much more about survival and a rag-tag band of characters who really can’t stand each other. Probably the best cover in the series too. Signed and lined to the luck winner, of course.


Usual rules apply – comment here to be entered and I’ll pick a winner at random on Friday evening. Competition (as usual) is open worldwide. Outside Europe I ship by surface mail to keep the costs down so please be patient.


21 Responses to “Book Giveaway – The Black Mausoleum (21/1/2013)”

  1. Godless Dave says:

    I like rag-tag bands of characters. I sometimes think I am one. Please send me the book so I can find out if I’m right. Yrs, Free Book Slut. :)

  2. Ade Couper says:

    Ooh , this looks exciting! Would like to get my hands on a copy…!

  3. Yagiz [Between Two Books] says:

    Nice! Very nice! :) *rubs hands*

  4. JOE Crenshaw says:

    Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow! #Dragons

  5. Katie Jeffs says:

    I’d love a copy – it’d make up for the utter lack of snow we have here in the Highlands.

  6. Maggie Lloyd says:

    I’d love a copy,please enter me. Thank you

  7. chelcie shell says:

    would love to read it!

  8. Alex says:

    This is my favourite dragon book so far. The change of approach is very welcome.

    Don’t send me a copy, as I already have one.

  9. Brandon Boss says:

    Oh yah, this is one I definitely gotta have, luck be with me!

  10. Rory Hunter says:

    Can I have a dragon pony? Puh-weese?

  11. Kris says:

    Would love to get it! Good luck, me!

  12. Romeo Kennedy says:

    What a fantastic cover! I don’t want to drag-on about it :) (see what I did there?) Needless to say I’m really interested to see the group of characters evolve, adapt, and survive against an onslaught of furious dragons! Things are seriously hotting up, fantastic stuff.

  13. Leila Prowting says:

    Great! The dragons rule now.

  14. Mia says:

    Don’t have that one yet! Good luck to me…

  15. Sam Baskin says:

    You’re right the cover looks awesome! I’d love to read it.

  16. Piero says:

    This one was suggested to me on Goodreads, so I already got it as an e-book!
    Loved it and would be great to have it on paper!

  17. Stephan says:

    Oooh! My collection needs The Black Mausoleum!

  18. Paul Weimer (@PrinceJvstin) says:

    It is an interesting cover!

  19. Clair Evans says:

    There be dragons! Can never have too many…

  20. Michael Cummings says:

    There is a distinctly dragon shaped hole in my life…

  21. Roxana Z. says:

    I loved The Memory of Flames series and I would love to read The Black Mausoleum. Thank you for the giveaway!

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