Diamond Cascade: A Fat Beardy Bloke in Red Pyjamas

…the corruptors of children,…

In the morning, I followed the trail of that ogre I shot in the night. Blood, dripped into the dirt and plenty of it. Followed him up into the hills, into the winter mountains full of snow, into tunnels filled with goblins. Slimeys. A cut them down as a scythe cuts the harvest. They were making things, nasty little wooden things, little soldiers and swords and wooden horses. There were hundreds of them, and stone floor of their cave ran red with goblin blood. At the far end, sitting in a great chariot, sat the ogre. His clothes were stained crimson from head to toe with his own blood. Finishing him was easy. Strange thing though, when I caugfht up with him – I don’t remember him having that big white beard when I shot him. Or the silly hat.

So it was a dream and I must have got some sleep later that night on that wind-blasted gods-forsaken cliofftop after all.

Ho ho ho.

Shit. And now I keep having premonitions about a bunch of really annoying elves.

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2 Responses to “Diamond Cascade: A Fat Beardy Bloke in Red Pyjamas”

  1. 'Judge dredd says:

    OMG you killed Santa…….

  2. 'Judge Dredd' says:

    Ahhh yes the really annoying bunch of ELVES….that is the rest of the adventuring party!!!!!!!

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