Diamond Cascade: Errr…

Many were the mighty and brave companions who had valiently and boldy stood at Diamond Cascade’s side in his righteous quest, but those who stood with him on that final journey to Mektropika were the greatest heroes from the most ancient and wise nation of elves: Tiarth the monster-hunter, who would wear a blindfold to face a man in single combat for fear the fight would otherwise be too one-sided; Levincious, master mage capable of bending the very fabric of the universe to his will; Uthan, deadly stalker of all things dark and foul, asssassin of assassins, the hunter whose name brings fear to even the blackest of the drow; and the apocalyptic might of the great mage DREDD, against whose sorceries no man alive or dead may stand and whose mere name makes the very mountains shake. They were the greatest heroes of their age at the height of their power, and they would become legend.

There. Now would you please untie me and stop poking me with the sharp sticks, eh?


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5 Responses to “Diamond Cascade: Errr…”

  1. 'Judge Dredd' says:

    rrrigtht where do I start—–the blind stupid elf decided to take on a SAND SHARK…. you know the really big ones with the sharp pointy teeth and low thought processes, mind you the last comment could have included the blind elf and would have been unfair to the sand shark. We all fought bravely to save you, me from a safe distance with only touch spells left (oooppps)…BUT…fate was not kind. However the news was not all bad …..I survived…..APEX Mage breaths for another day

  2. Tearth says:

    My Dear Friend Vale
    Some mutual friends have been kind enough to dictate to me some of your writings (ramblings?).
    My name is spelt (and said) as a man with a lisp would say ‘tears’. Not ‘Tiarth’, which is closer to a drunk man attempting to pronounce ‘tiara’.
    And I defend my decision to battle the sand-creature. Fleeing from a beast that is quicker than any of us is neither heroic nor wise (not that the group is blessed in either department).
    Regardless, we emerged victorious, and hopefully next time noone will faint. Hmm?

    Dictated but not read

  3. Stephen says:

    Tearth, as in dearth? Earth with a Tee? Terrrrth?
    To avoid confusion, I shall refer to you in my ballads henceforth as Lispy Tears.

  4. Levi says:

    After reading all this back, I realised that you mixed up the names. Levinscous (even I can’t remember how it’s spelt and he’s my character) is the assassin and Uthal is the mage. On a more positive note, I’ve nearly spilt my tea from laughter several times during my lunch break.

  5. Stephen says:

    Sounds like Diamond Cascade. He wouldn’t have bothered to have learned which one of you was which…

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