My Little Secrets (part one)

Now and then we find little gems that no one else seems to have noticed. Maybe it’s a book whose author remains largely unknown. Maybe it’s a TV show no one else seems to like, or a piece of music that goes largely unplayed. Perhaps it might be a particular flavour of ice-cream that no one else seems to care for (yes, Ben and Jerrys, I’m looking at you).

My little secret gem is The Boxer Rebellion. I’ve seen them four times in the last three years since I first heard them supporting The Editors, always in little venues. Now I like little venues. I like the intimacy and I like not having to re-mortgage my house for a ticket, and when my little secret bad that I like but no one else has ever heard of finally gets some notice, I shall put on my sad face, because it just won’t be quite the same in a bigger venue with thousands of people. But on the other hand, what’s a fan for if not to prosthelytize. Fans should do that (Readers of A Memory of Flames, I’m looking at you now :-)

So do me a favour and maybe yourself: go and take ten minutes to listen to some good music and a current single from a band that ought to be on the cusp of being big. Comes with a rather steampunk video for added cool.

I shall have more to say about little secrets, this time one of my own, shortly.

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  1. Hilde says:

    And the cute boy singing. You didn’t say anything about the cute boy singing…
    But yes, I see what you mean. I like that.

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