Promotional Artwork for Alt.Fiction (2/6/2011)

Unstable Authors

Alt.Fiction: 25-26th June. Somewhere in Derby. Beware of deranged writers trying to surf large rocks through the sky.

Yes, yes, lazy I know – next week you can have a short story and some proper blogging.

2 Responses to “Promotional Artwork for Alt.Fiction (2/6/2011)”

  1. Anne Lyle says:

    Well, at least attendees can’t now claim they weren’t warned.

    Besides, we’re only _truly_ unstable when people aren’t liking our books. Which I’m sure doesn’t happen to you that often :)

  2. Stephen says:

    Ah, the innocence of the newly published. See if you can pinpoint the day when you choose to substitute ‘buying’ for ‘liking’ :-)

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