Science Fiction: The archives (12/10/2011)

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While it’s hard to imagine there are many people who read this blog who don’t already know, my publisher, Gollancz, has recently launched what they call the Science Fiction Gateway. Gollancz have previously kept some classics of Science Fiction in print through their Masterworks series, and the Gateway is the next logical step: Huge back-catalogues of science fiction by authors we all grew up with (or possibly our parents grew up with) available as e-books.

Nice idea. I’m not sure how much of a work-in-progress is is, and whether it only supports titles where Gollancz have the e-book rights or what – certainly my first little exploration found holes (E.E. ‘doc’ Smith but no Lensman books? Eh?) but the site admits to being currently not-quite-ready and presumably more titles will join in time.  Anyway, anyone with an e-book reader and a hankering for old classic SF could do worse that check out

Gollancz also have a blog of their own, although since it doesn’t mention me at all yet, I’m not sure I like it.

Alright, I do like it, but it NEEDS A HOME BUTTON, DARREN.