The Splintered Gods (June 2014 UK)

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Published in the UK on the 19th July and appears to be available in the US as well via internet vendors. Once upon a time I had an ambition to write a fantasy murder mystery. This isn’t it, though it does have a trace of that origin in it. Zafir doesn’t own this story quite the way she owned Dragon Queen, but she has her claws in it pretty deep still.

So stuff happened at the end of Dragon Queen, and there are going to be some consequences now, and either everyone will band together to ensure the best is done for the greater good of society at large or maybe they’ll just claw each other apart to see who gets to be king of the ash-pile. Arbiter Red Lin Feyn is supposed to make sure it’s the former, not the latter, but she might have her work cut out for her.

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The Splintered Gods is a direct sequel to Dragon Queen. You could probably read it on its own without reading Dragon Queen and it would still make sense, but you’d lose a lot of Berren, past and Zafir too.

Here’s chapter one, in which Tuuran and Crazy Mad do some looting and play with gunpowder.

The Splintered Gods reads a little like a a courtroom drama, a little like a fantasy epic and a little like an adventure story.” Nerdly

“If you are a fan of dragons, this series is an absolute must read. Deas’ incarnation of this timeless beast is fresh, fascinating and one of the best I have encountered.” Fixed on Fantasy.

“The writing is always to the point, it gets to the meat of the matter and with some of the subtle hints and wordplay within generates a story that is pretty unique out there.” Falcatta Times

The Splintered Gods: Excerpt

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Chapter one…