The Gazetteer (10/11/09)

Stage one of the gazetteer is complete, which is to say that all the content has been written, re-written at immense effort, proofed at great expense and mushed up with great glee into a single monolithic .pdf. There are 180 pages and a little over 150 entries (all in alphabetical order), and you can download it here.

The plan, eventually, is to put it on-line with hyper links between the entries. The chances of this being done by the end of the year are, frankly, remote, and it might have to wait until I mysteriously break both my ankles and end up bed-ridden for a solid month. But hey, you never know. If the response to this vast effort is tumble weed rolling across the comment-book of this here web-site, why then I just might not bother at all. I figure if you’re a die-hard fan, you probably download the whole thing anyway, right? So – honestly, readers – would it actually be useful to have on-line as linked entries?

As an example, here’s one of the longer entries, the Palace of Paths, the fortress overlooking the city of Evenspire, home of King Valgar and Queen Almiri that gets a little more than a mention in The King of the Crags.


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