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Welcome to the website of Stephen Deas, author of fantasy literature. Latest releases are: Dragon Queen (paperback), Bulldog Drummond: Dead Man’s Gate (e-book only) and Elite: Wanted (e-book). Extracts of various bits and pieces are over thataway >>>>>

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The summary bibliography has a summary of what’s published and what’s coming. For more details visit the Bibliography pages. For news directly relating to books and competitions, visit the News pages.  For more random out-pourings on visit the Critical Failures pages.

A selection of recent updates (or visit my alter ego, Nathan Hawke)

July 21st: The Sin Eater (short story)

July 15th: The Royalist cover reveal

June 28th: Review: Barricade

June 22nd: Review of Dragon Queen from Fixed on Fantasy

June 22nd: Middle Earth vs. Westeros match commentary

Book News: A Memory of Flames:

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The Adamantine Palace is in print in UK/Australia/NZ/SA, France, USA, Germany and Poland and might be on its way to Bulgaria. The King of the Crags and The Order of the Scales are in UK/Australia/NZ/SA, France, Germany and US bookshops but NOT Poland for reasons beyond my control.  The Black Mausoleum and Dragon Queen are now out in the UK in mass-market editions. There are no overseas deals for these (you’re not as sorry about that as I am) but it should be possible to get them in the US. The Splintered Gods is out on June 21st and I’m working on the third fourth draft of The Silver Kings.

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Book News: The Thief-Taker’s Apprentice

The Thief-Taker’s Apprentice is out in the UK and Poland. Parts two and three, The Warlock’s Shadow, and The King’s Assassin, are out in the UK. Allegedly all three are available now in the US as both physical and e-book editions. Some left-over threads of the story are picked up in Dragon Queen.

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Book News: Nathan Hawke

Three books in the summer of 2013 – the Nathan Hawke site has an interactive map and some extra short stories.

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Forthcoming Appearances: Lavecon, Kettering, July 2014; possibly Camcon, Cambridge August 2014