Not Every Agenda Is Human

And yeah, we might have stood there in the street with gun-toting crazy-arsed barcodes hunting us and Jester smeared across a car park less than a minute ago but then there’s this weird wailing noise. Mr Cray, whose ears are less fucked than mine, looks up. I follow in time to see a body smash into the street just a dozen feet away.

‘Jesus fucked a donkey!’ Cray jerks away. I’m still looking, so I’m not so surprised when the second one hits a few moments later. The last one is Mr GZW. I squint but it’s too dark to see. They’ve come down a long way, that’s as much as I can tell.

‘Alright, never mind that plan then.’

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I stand on stone, on the rim of this eyrie. It is mine now. It flies through the air, a half-finished castle made long ago by some half-god craftsman and filled with his spectres. The sea churns and boils below. We are closing on the brooding violet curtain-cloud of the storm-dark. The Black Moon will carry us through, and on the other side is the land where I was born. The Black Moon is a silver king trapped in the flesh of a man who still wrestles to cast him out, but the man will lose. One does not deny a half-god.