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I stand on stone, on the rim of this eyrie. It is mine now. The Black Moon stands beside me. He is not our Isul Aieha, but he willbe our Silver King again. He will tame the skies and dragons will fly with riders on their backs once more. By his side I am coming home. I am Zafir, the dragon queen.

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Out Now inTrade: The Silver Kings

Welcome to the website of Stephen Deas, author of historical, fantasy and science fiction. Recent releases include The Silver Kings (Gollancz), Elite: Wanted (Gollancz), and Bulldog Drummond: Dead Man’s Gate (Piqwiq), and of course the The Royalist, a historical mystery thriller set in the English civil war.

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I stand on stone, on the rim of this eyrie. It is mine now. It flies through the air, a half-finished castle made long ago by some half-god craftsman and filled with his spectres. The sea churns and boils below. We are closing on the brooding violet curtain-cloud of the storm-dark. The Black Moon will carry us through, and on the other side is the land where I was born. The Black Moon is a silver king trapped in the flesh of a man who still wrestles to cast him out, but the man will lose. One does not deny a half-god.