Falkland: The Royalist

Three times they tried to kill me. They came for me on those blasted northern moors and I lived. They cut swathes through my fellows at Edgehill and somehow, deep in dead men, I came through. They routed my company outside Abingdon and cornered me in the thick of night when I had nowhere to run to and nobody to watch my back. Yes, three times they tried to kill me.

Third time lucky.

Out Now: The Royalist

Out Now: The Splintered Gods


Welcome to the website of Stephen Deas, author of historical, fantasy and science fiction. Recent releases include The Splintered Gods (Gollancz), Elite: Wanted (Gollancz), and Bulldog Drummond: Dead Man’s Gate (Piqwiq), and of course the The Royalist, a historical mystery thriller set in the English civil war.

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