A Blisteringly Well-Written Tale (16/2/2009)

The Adamantine Palace is a month from publication, and chez Deas, the air is filled that thick cloying electric air that comes before a storm as we[1] wait for the printed copies and, perhaps more important, the printed reviews.

So thank you, Sci-Fi now, for A blisteringly well-written tale and An inspiring debut and, most importantly, the Must Read Now! sticker. I now await the rest of the reviews with a little less trepidation.

Sci-Fi now comes out on the 19th (I think). For the three people who read this blog who didn’t already receive the excerpt via The Grand Master, it’s on page 82. For the rest of you (Simon, Jon), Order of the Scales continues to hum along (61k words) and the dragons are starting to be really fun.

[1] When I say we, I mostly mean I. I sense a certain amount of tension from my other half, but that could easily be an adverse reaction to having a tense author prowling around the place. Or it being half term.

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