Book Giveaway: Stormcaller

Another Monday, another book giveaway, although probably not for regular Eastercon attendees. I have two copies of Tom Lloyd’s Stormcaller going begging. As usual, anyone who comments here will be eligible irrespective of geography and winners will be chosen by random selection.

I’ve not read Stormcaller myself but you can read a little more here. Tom’s great though.


4 Responses to “Book Giveaway: Stormcaller”

  1. Edwin says:

    /me is now eligible

  2. Michael says:

    Is that the bloke sent to end the hose pipe ban?

  3. Rory Hunter says:

    This is a self-referential comment.

  4. Michael says:

    Can anyone solve this equation -intregrate e to the power of (h (a constant)divided by r (the variable)) I am lossing sleep over it….

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