Book Giveaway – The Black Mausoleum (17/6/2013)

The Crimson Shield went down a bit better than Hostage to Pleasure. Nathan Hawke has a website now, which he didn’t when the giveaway started. It has this interactive map thing that makes me kind of envious and want to stop working on paid stuff and put up an interactive map of the dragon realms. But hey ho . . . Mortgage, kids to feed, etc., etc. This week, meanwhile, has been spent writing scenes for the SF collaboration with Gavin Smith; except it’s been one of those weeks where every single word sucks and what I seem to have produced is 15000 words of rancid cat barf. <le sigh>

So this week’s freebie – back to one of my own: The Black Mausoleum: Gone are the political machinations and the wheels within wheels (don’t worry, they come back in Dragon Queen) – this is much more about survival and a rag-tag band of characters who really can’t stand each other. Probably the best cover in the series too. Signed and lined to the luck winner, of course.If you read it and like it, please tell people about it, post an amazon review or on Goodreads. Something like that.


Usual deal – comment on this post before June 24th  and I’ll randomly select a lucky victim for a free copy of the book. Since it’s one of mine, I’ll sign and line it of you like.

This week we’re going to play Fantasy Supermarket. First commenter has to point out something fantasy-related beginning with A, second commenter has to point out something fantasy-related beginning with B, etc.

Although, though no one has yet complained about how long it takes me to get to the post office and post things, it can take a while and if you live abroad then it can take even longer. Sorry about that, but they do get there eventually. Well, so far. Recent winners, I owe you a particular apology – I have stack of parcels due to go to the post office. Later today, I promise!


31 Responses to “Book Giveaway – The Black Mausoleum (17/6/2013)”

  1. paul walsh says:

    Aziraphale is by far the best Angel in Fanatsy literature as well as running a book shop the same way I would.

  2. Rebecca Hadden says:

    Still longing for a signed copy :( It would make my life. Seriously.
    I’d be sure to gaze upon it at least 35 times day and keep it super safe, I promise!! Pleasepleaseplease?

  3. Ed G says:

    My being here is Gav’s fault – he recommends you, so if I break anything by accident, blame him. (If you don’t already…)

  4. Romeo Kennedy says:

    Balrog – the coolest beast in LOTR

  5. Katharine says:

    Camorr – the setting of Scott Lynch’s first book in the series, The Lies of Locke Lamora. Utterly amazing!

  6. Edwin says:

    Dracarys is the High Valyrian word for dragonfire. High Valyrian is being made into an actual language for Game of Thrones – we should all learn to speak it!

  7. Johann says:

    Erebor, the Lonely Mountain from the Hobbit

  8. David says:

    Ferro Maljinn – Joe Abercrombie’s answer to Tank Girl

  9. rebecca says:

    Faramir, the steward of Gondors unloved son. So sad.

  10. Andrea Butler says:

    Graendal, one of the forsaken in the wheel of time.

  11. Kieran Mathers says:

    I’ve love a copy of your book. I’ve not read any of them, but it’d be a great time to start!

  12. Will Bryan says:

    Hobbit- diminutive, humanoid dwellers of. Middle-Earth

  13. Katie J says:

    Ivy (The Archive) from Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files books. One of the coolest character concepts I’ve seen in a while.

  14. Thomas Lee-Eveleigh says:

    Jezrien – King of the the Heralds from Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight Archive.

  15. Jannick says:

    Kim Harrison – alongside Kelley (double K!) Armstrong one of the best UF-writers out there – managed to break my heart yesterday :(

  16. Mulluane says:

    Lackey, Mercedes. Ranks right up there in my top 10 favorite Fantasy Authors

  17. Claire says:

    Moiraine from Wheel of Time – one of my fav characters! She is strong and intelligent :)

  18. Eva says:

    Nalavarauthatoryl the Red from The Forgotten Realms-an elf maid, her betrothed was killed by humans, so she turned into a dragon, sad and funny and big and killing everyone. The name sounds like a song.

  19. Leanne says:

    Oliphants – pachyderms with four tusks from Middle Earth.

  20. Steve Rudolph says:

    Peottre Blackwater: Uncle of the Narcheska in Robin Hobb’s Fool’s Fate.

  21. Katie Chastain says:

    Quest! A task or inadvertent circumstance that one must pursue in order to save ones hide, for better or worse! :P
    I still want to know what happens to Jehal’s wife and child!
    And I will forever miss Vale…
    Still waiting for the fourth installment in America~!

  22. Rebecca Hadden says:

    The Raksheh, A forest that covers the south of the realms with many rivers running through it, people aren’t a threat as not many enter the forest, but watch out for snappers!!

  23. Bob @ Beauty in Ruins says:

    Obvious, but apropos – Smaug, the first dragon I suspect many of us ever encountered on the page.

  24. Andrew Richards says:

    Tenar, the White Lady of Gont, who lost her name in the Tombs of Atuan, truly one of the most menacing places in all fantasy.

  25. Vinca Russell says:

    U has to be for Ursula Le Guin. Her Earthsea novels enthralled me when I was younger and when I ‘grew up’ I discovered whole other worlds of science fiction by her. Brilliant lady!

  26. David Malcolm says:

    V is for “Victory” the battle call of Viking Quests Torval as played by Johnny Drama and Kevin Dillon in douchebag fantasy Entourage. Have I done this wrong?

  27. rebecca hadden says:

    Viper. The snake in the grass in many fantasy stories Such as Jehal.

  28. rebecca hadden says:

    W for wrath, such as That of a dragon

  29. Rey Franklin says:

    Z is for Zafir!!!!! “It was Zafir!!!” #TeamJehal

  30. Edwin says:

    You seem to have missed X and Y. X = Xyfrag of the Land of Rising Evil, and Y = Ygritte of the Land beyond the Wall.

  31. Stephen says:

    The gods of random choose Vinca. Also do I see multiple entries… Mind you, I suppose I never said that wasn’t allowed.

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