Buy Direct (29/3/09)

Tricky one this. Authors write books, bookshops sell them. If bookshops started writing books, I’d get miffed, so I don’t really want to start selling them. But I do plan to keep a small stock for conventions, promotions, freebies etc. and I’ve been convinced that there should be exceptions. Please bear in mind that this sort of malarky takes up valuable writing time and is what bookshops are for – it’s really meant to be the exception rather than the rule.

To buy copies of my books direct from me, this is what you do:

1) You get a Paypal account set up.

2) If we haven’t already been in touch personally, please  mail me to see whether I’ve actually got any copies of what you want kicking about and going spare. We’ll agree a price for what you want and I’ll tell you what the mail account to use for Paypal.

3) Make purchase via Paypal.

4) Wait patiently for your book to arrive.

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