Captain’s Log, Stardate… Holy crap, is that the time?

No, I’m not dead. Yes, I’m still writing. No, there won’t be anything new out from me this year. Yes, a good chunk of that is my fault for heading off on an entirely different tangent now the Silver Kings is done. For some reason I’ve been writing screenplays for the last year and a half. I promise to go back to novels just as soon as this doesn’t work out. Or as soon as it does. Until then, service






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3 Responses to “Captain’s Log, Stardate… Holy crap, is that the time?”

  1. BJBSRR says:

    It’s been nearly a year.. where are you? Am I ever seeing gallow again?

  2. BJBSRR says:


  3. Stephen says:

    Still here.
    Neither Gallow nor William Falkland look set to make a return through conventional publishing. Sorry. I’d love go back to both of them but I have to write what pays for the foreseeable future.

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