Delegation (30/11/09)

I have not changed a word of this. Not a word (except for the spelling).

The Great Battle of the Knights and the Dragon


Christopher Deas

Age 6

Once upon a time there was a big tall castle, where a brave king lived with his knights and they were fighting other knights.

Just then a yellow fire-breathing dragon came and blew fire everywhere at the top of the castle and the fire nearly killed all of his shiny guards. So the king phoned his next door neighbour to help his shiny guards to kill the dragon and they fed the dragon and they asked why he was blowing up the castle.

In the end the dragon said nothing so the knights killed him and turned him into hog-roast and ate him up because that’s what knights do at the end of a big adventure.

The End.

Right. Fleshed out to 100000 words, that’ll do nicely.

2 Responses to “Delegation (30/11/09)”

  1. Neil Ford says:

    Awesome! Like father, like son :)

    When can we expect to see this in the shops (assuming there are any left by the time it’s published)?

    - Neil.

  2. Natalie Ford says:

    Brilliant! So, is this Urban Fantasy (dragons and phones)?

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