Diamond Cascade: The End (Part Two)

And so it was that Diamond Cascade stepped forth into the sunlight from the terrible ruin of once-great Mektropika to find the armies of the dragons awaiting. The vile dark dwarves of Durmijeron and treacherous Evilous, demanding the orb for their own; yet as Diamond Cascade plucked a first arrow  against the numberless hordes, who should appear but the sultry shape of copper-skin, the half-dragon sorceress, with Wolfgirl and valiant Caleb and more of those who Diamond Cascade had once known, demanding the orb be turned to her; yet barely were the words from her mouth when the ground heaved and from the sands rose the dark elves of the drow, their demand silent, their cause unknown, their desire the same.

And so Diamond Cascade drew his sword, for perhaps the last time, and swore that none of them should have it.

Oh. Bloody. Hell.

To be continued?

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3 Responses to “Diamond Cascade: The End (Part Two)”

  1. 'Judge Dredd' says:

    Up.Up and away…–zap–….aaaarrgggghhh….dufffff….tufftuuff,
    Curse that damn dispel magic spell

  2. Iris the Flower says:

    Continue, continue, continue! I want to know how badly DC kicked ass/had ass kicked in a totally epic showdown worthy of his ongoing (slightly fudged) tale…

  3. Levincious says:

    But how did it end? You haven’t told the entertaining stories of our individual battles of the epic conclusion to the campaign!

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