Dragons world tour: France (27/5/09)

Just when there wasn’t anything happening… French edition coming out on 16th June. The city in the background could easily by Furymouth. Dragon’s not quite how I saw them (no front feet), but suitably large and muscular I reckon. No rider either. Would have made a good cover for book three but that’s starting to give things away…

2 Responses to “Dragons world tour: France (27/5/09)”

  1. Lexx says:

    lol, no front feet makes it a Wyrvern, a subspecies of dragon. Dragons have six limbs, (4 legs 2 wings) Wyrverns only have 4 (2 legs 2 wings)

  2. Stephen Deas says:

    Ha! See – someone cleverer than me knows I’m right! lol.

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