Giveaway: Gavin Smith Stuff (1/4/2014)

ELITE!!!!! (at this point please picture a hyperkinetic author running about in wide circles waving his arms in the air). So there’s an announcement about Elite: Dangerous tie-in novels. Meanwhile the  proofs for The Splintered Gods are done, the proofs for Elite: Wanted are well on their way and hurrah, that’s the end of page proofs for a while and I can get back to The Silver Kings.

Anyhow, if you read the Elite news, you’ll know that Gollancz SF author Gavin Smith and I have turned into some hideous chimera EVEN WORSE THAN EITHER ONE OF US ALONE to write Elite: Wanted. So this week I’m giving away some of Gavin’s books to deny him a few pennies in sales and generally be cruel in a petty kind of way.

Usual deal – comment on this post before April 14th and I’ll randomly select lucky victims. This week I want to know WHY HAVEN’T YOU READ DRAGON QUEEN YET spaceship names. Ones that you’d like to see in print, not ones already there. Who knows…

Although, though no one has yet complained about how long it takes me to get to the post office and post things, it can take a while and if you live abroad then it can take even longer. Sorry about that, but they do get there eventually. I’m off to the post office RIGHT NOW to clear the Big Book Bonanza. And Blood of Elves (sorry, Blood of Elves winner).


10 Responses to “Giveaway: Gavin Smith Stuff (1/4/2014)”

  1. Mango Heroics says:

    I was thinking Dragonfly, because Dragon Queen and Firefly. I also like the sound of Infectious Vector, but that’s really more of a band name. How about Zafir’s Pride?
    I won’t win because I only win when Gallow is the prize, but hey, I like to comment.

  2. Steve Albion says:

    My favourite ship in Elite 2D, i mean Escape Velocity (by Ambrosia) was called the Blissful Catatonia. Well, until it got renamed to become the Burning Debris.

  3. Andrew says:

    GCU I Thought He Was With You. Sorry, but this type of topic is going to attract Iain m Banks fans ;)

  4. Gavin G Smith says:

    If I was a Culture ship I’d call myself the Rational Panic.

  5. JonB says:

    I can certify that Gavin Smith is deadly with his matched set of foam rubber swords!

  6. Paul K. says:

    You could name one Kaos (my net/gamer nane), alternatively you name one after the beautiful idyllic neighbourhood I came from, “Whitfield”.

  7. Stuart Doig says:

    Mining Vessel: Crimson Midget. ;)

  8. Pete Andrews says:

    “The square of the Hypotenuse” ;-)

  9. Paul Walsh says:

    The Nothing to See Here smuggling vessle

  10. Stephen says:

    Paul and JonB (ha, the irony, but I never overrule the Gods of Random).

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