Hollywood snub shock (9/12/08)

I heard today that a Hollywood producer had taken a look at The Adamantine Palace and decided they couldn’t see it as a movie. I suppose I ought to be disappointed, but I’m going to take a glass-half-full view of this and spend the evening bouncing up and down going “Wow! Hollywood actually took an interest!”

Obviously (in case there are any other big-shot producers out there reading this), The Adamantine Palace would make a very fine movie, and it should have John Malkovich in it as Speaker Hyram at the very least. However, we’ve not gotten very far when it comes to casting everyone else. Now, maybe having the right cast would improve the chances of a movie actually being made, so I propose the following partial cast for your amusement: I have to admit, though, that I do see The Adamantine Palace more as anime. Sex and monsters! Rah! (and I also realise that I have failed to include Johnny Depp. My bad).

Prince Jehal:      Joaquim Phoenix, James McAvoy or possibly Paul Bettany

Queen Zafir:      Scarlett Johannson

Speaker Hyram: John Malkovitch

Queen Shezira: Helen Mirren

Princess Jaslyn: Ziyi Zhang

Princess Lystra: Lauren Ambrose

Kemir:               Diego Luna

Sollos:              Jason Statham

Rider Semian:    Javier Bardem

Lord Meteroa:    Jason Isaacs or maybe Alan Rickman

Lady Nastria:     Tilda Swinton

(This is now the mk.3 list).

Casting is now in progress for King of the Crags. Names in the frame for new characters include Christian Bale or Viggo Mortensen, Rusell Crowe, Tomas Kretchmann and Helena Bonham-Carter. Luke Goss, an alternative Jason Isaacs role and David Bowie are all being lined up for book three :-)

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