Something Funny Comes This Way (another book giveaway) (16/5/2012)

So, my sword-toting sass-talking thieves aren’t quite as popular as a certain Mr Lynch’s eh? I shall try to look surprised. Did you know we have the same editor at Gollancz? No? Do you remotely care? no? I’ll shut up about that then and get on with what matters…

The next book I’m giving away is Eric by Terry Pratchett, again in the yellow hardcover Gollancz 50th anniversary edition. Usual rules apply – post a comment here if you’re interested or else reply to me on Twitter and a winner will be randomly selected on Friday afternoon after 6pm. Which sort of makes that the cut-off for registering an interest except I might not get around to sorting it out until later that evening due to acts of gods, small children or cats. The last winner was randomly selected by the OpenOffice random number generator, for those who care about such things and I’m contemplating selecting the next one through some random process based on an as-yet undetermined behaviour of elephant seals. They must do something random, right?

One day the random number is going to be chosen to be equal to the number of typos I later see in the giveaway post. One day…

I haven’t read Eric so I can’t speak for its virtues, but it was selected for the Gollancz 50 so I assume it’s good. Don’t say too many nice things though or I might decide to randomly select myself and keep it :-)

MOPNOWRIMO update: Target by new-plan-that-should-still-see-me-finished-by-the-end-of-the-month-honest: 40000 (but we all really know it should be 65000) Actual Words: 39100ish, but given I’m writing this mid-afternoon, there might yet be more. And also curse you trip to Tescos because we ran out of toothpaste…

Started the day with a sex scene. The next scene waiting to be written is a sex scene. Is it spring or something? Sometimes when I look in the sky I see a strange hot yellow ball thing that I have a dim memory of seeing before in some previous life. I think it must be an omen.

I’ve noticed a thing (trying to help the rest of you writers here): I’ve taken to going and doing some exercise some days first thing in the morning before I write, a little bit more than the usual re-arranging the DVD shelves or the old D&D miniatures. It’s becoming a consistent enough observation to convert into a theory – after a decent spree of physical exertion, I write more and faster for the next few hours. Is it better? I have no idea but I DON’T CARE!! Really not. That’s what the rewrites are for.

Look about those random numbers (you know who you are) – STOP IT! I was a mathematician once and I’m halfway to building a random number generator in my head to generate the method for generating a random number differently each time. It’s going to be dice now, OK. After the elephant seal thing.

9 Responses to “Something Funny Comes This Way (another book giveaway) (16/5/2012)”

  1. David Lloyd says:

    Wait… You’ve never read Eric?? Good Lord. What about Guards, Guards? That one’s got a dragon in it at least. I tell you what, if I win an Eric then I’ll buy you a Guards, Guards! :D

  2. Valerie says:

    Ahhhh, this seems to be one of the less-popular Discworld books BUT I LOVE IT. <3 I really should re-read it.

  3. Mish Varney says:

    I’m quite a fan of Terry Pratchett and his outrageous jokes – especially when you can’t see them coming and they suddenly smack you between the eyes. But I haven’t read all of his work, Eric being a notable missing piece of the canon. I am rather fond or Commander Vimes though. Antonella who can cope with mayhem through blunt common sense gets my vote.

  4. Leanne says:

    Love a bit of Terry, me :D Count me in ^_^

  5. Eric C. says:

    A beautiful edition of a book whose title shares my name. How could I not want it?

  6. Eric G says:

    I’m also inclined to own a book that shares my name… and a fancy Gollancz hardcover sweetens the deal.

  7. Mathew says:

    The only Pratchett that Gollancz published in their deliciously awful yellow hardback. I think.

    Yes please!

  8. Luke says:

    Big fan of Terry Pratchett, would love a copy of Eric :) Count me in!

  9. Something Funny says:

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