The proudest moment of my year (15/12/08)

A lot has happened this year. The Adamantine Palace was mostly written this year. I got to see my first cover and my first reviews. A rather pleasing US rights sale was made. I’ve met lots of new and interesting people, many of whom have said nice encouraging things. It would have been hard, up until today, to have said what had made me glow with pride the most. And then there was today, and now there can be no doubt. Having received a promotion to a higher reading grade at school, my nearly six-year-old came out with this statement:

“When my teacher said it was reading time, I used to think that was really boring, but now I realise that it’s really fun.”

Yes. YES! Because it IS! I think that’s the coolest thing anyone has said to me all year. I have a smile on my face and a spring in my step that should see me right past Christmas.

In other, far less significant news, Order of the Scales has reached about 25k words, first reader claims to be within a week of finishing reading King of the Crags which means I can get back to working on that soon, and The Adamantine Palace is apparently destined to be editor’s choice for the BCA Fantasy and SF bookclub in February. This is all cool, but not as cool as a little boy who has discovered that he loves to read.

Oh and speaking of fun, TAP has been called a “Fast, sharp, ruthless read” by Joe Abercrombie, a man whose opinions should be heeded and whose books should be read. Lots. By everyone. Because they are most definitely fun, and of the highest order.

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