Book Giveaway: I Am Scrooge (6/8/2012)

Adam Roberts. Dickens. Zombies. What’s not to like?

This is the hardback edition. Usual deal – comment on this post and I’ll randomly select a lucky victim for a free copy of the book. Surprisingly no one has yet complained about how long it takes me to get to the post office and post things, but it can take a while and if you live abroad then it can take even longer. Sorry about that, but they do get there eventually. Well, mostly.

Next up will be an ARC for The Twelve by Justin Cronin. I’ll put that up some time on Wednesday.


14 Responses to “Book Giveaway: I Am Scrooge (6/8/2012)”

  1. Hamish Jones says:

    Its not so much the getting to our Post Office that takes time, its dealing with the Zombie Post Office staff.

    ‘Can I send this recorded delivery please?’ I ask with a hopeful bordering on sycophantic smile.
    ‘Nahrrrrr’ the Post Mistress replies as she bangs her decomposing head against the perspex divide.
    ‘Shall I weigh it and pop it through this hatch then?’ I nod smiling inanely as if I am speaking to an elderly and mentally incapacitated relative.
    ‘Nahrrrr’ comes the polite response.
    I duly weigh and attempt to slide my mail through said hatch, being deligent to withdraw my hand before the Zombie postal worker can take a bite from my probing digits.
    ‘Nahrrrr’ I hear again.
    ‘Is that the tracking code? n, a, h, r, r, r, r…’ I enquire.
    ‘Nahrrrr’ comes the retort.
    ‘Shouldn’t there be a couple of numbers in there?’

  2. Raymond Just says:

    Thanks, Stephen, please enter me in the draw. It sounds good, though I am still eagerly awaiting The Black Mausoleum.

  3. Ray Garraty says:

    I’m in!

  4. Mark Fairfax says:

    Sounds good – count me in please

  5. adam says:

    looks fun, count me in

  6. Alex C says:

    Sounds fantastic! Good morning and fingers crossed :)

  7. sam mouland says:

    Scrooge with zombies? Love a zombie story with a twist! Count me in!

  8. Maggie LLoyd says:

    Sounds like the type of genre I read,so yes please

  9. emma a says:

    Looks awesome :D x

  10. Mathew says:

    Me please, yup, me.


  11. Ken says:

    Sign me up. Thanks

  12. mia says:

    Bah humbug! That means ’sign me up’!

  13. Adam Roberts says:

    I’ve always wanted a copy of this!

  14. Barb Petersen says:

    My son-in-law would love this and as he is about to become a new father, he will undoubtedly become very Zombie like over the next few months.

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