Caption Competiton (18/10/2011)

So, anyway, this is just begging for a caption competiton.

Dragon: “I’ve told you before and I’ve told you again: No playing Dragon Age: Origins in your room after lights out.

Skjorl: <hands head in shame>

Caption that makes me laugh the most between now and whenever I get bored of the idea wins an “Angry Dragons” T-shirt. I have Large and XL. Sorry, small people.

(PS – if you’re getting this on facebook via RSS, by all means post there but please post here too so I’m certain to see it).

TBM Cover de-rezzed

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6 Responses to “Caption Competiton (18/10/2011)”

  1. James McLellan says:

    On reflection, this blind date may have been a mistake.

  2. SteveI says:

    Skjorl: OH alright I agree. You have the bigger penis.

  3. Manrix says:

    Dragon: I fucking dare you to say it!
    Skjorl: You shall not-

  4. Maelos says:

    “I knew I dropping acid before I went to LARP was a Bad Idea.”

  5. Adam Roberts says:

    Dragon [sings]: wooooAAAAAAAAH Bodyform!

  6. Stephen says:

    OK, you pretty much all made me laugh, but Manrix made me laugh the most. One T-shirt coming up.

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