How to Make an Author Happy (17/7/09)

I get a bit of fanmail these days. Not a lot, but a bit. Latest example:

“Just a short note to let you know this was one of the best bits of fantasy i’ve read in a long time. A book with a proper villian and more plotting than Guy Fawkes. Hope there’s plenty more to come.”

Short and sweet, and you know what, it’s made my evening. Thanks Chris, wherever you are. The rest of you, next time you read a book you really like, why not tell whoever wrote it. You could make their day too.

2 Responses to “How to Make an Author Happy (17/7/09)”

  1. mark says:

    Hello Stephen, I think being a fan fantasy you forget that being an author is probably very solitary work. I thought the Adamantine Palace was a great book and great introduction to the world, what is even better is hopefully we have two novels to look forward to next year….bring on 2010! good luck

  2. Stephen Deas says:

    Thanks, Mark.

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