It Is Finished (23/1/2009)

Yes, folks, construction of the Death Star finally completed (several days ago now, but I’ve been away), as very poorly pictured below as the junior construction supervisor puts the finishing touches to Darth Vader’s rest chamber (or whatever it is). There might have been lots more pictures and all sorts of silliness involving inappropriate posing of mini-figures (especially after Senior Construction Supervisor finally retrieved gold-bikini Princess Leia from behind a radiator). But for the time being, you’ll all have to exercise your imaginations instead. I’m toying with a Star Wars mini-figures photo contest of some sort, but that would be: a) Immensely sad and b) Almost certainly done somewhere else and better.

Death Star Consstruction

Death Star Construction

Oh, and in lesser news, King of the Crags got delivered to Gollancz too.

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