MOPNoWriMo Day 9: The Morning After (7/2/2012)

Day nine: Target wordcount: 45000. Words written: 45100

A day of things coming together rather nicely. It would appear that yesterday’s minor meltdown has taken the story in a much stronger direction. Three full chapters and the start of a fourth, and I still don’t have anything better for why my chief antagonist isn’t dead other than The Plot Says So, but I’ll leave that thorn for the rewrites. Everyone is now off doing their own thing but it’s also clear how they can’t possibly leave each other in peace for long. In this regard, they’re rather like a collection of small children.

It’s been a long day today with a pile of copy-editing as well, hence a short post. I might easily have stopped 500 words earlier and been happy about it, but that would have been the end of a chapter. When the words are flowing I much prefer to stop in the middle of a chapter than at the end of one. This generally means I know exactly what I’m writing as soon as I sit down on the next day and makes it much easier to find my rhythm. If I have to start at he beginning of a new chapter then I find it much harder to get going. I’m sure there are other people who find the exact opposite.


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