Satisfaction down under (16/12/08)


OK, first of all, in repsonse to those who have asked, the construction of the Death Star is proceeding slowly but steadily. It is a little behind schedule but as yet there have been no Sith Lord visits to chivvy us along. I’m sure the school holidays will get us back on track.

Right. This from the publicity manager at Hachette Australia.

‘I was utterly absorbed by this fast moving and action-packed fantasy of Machiavellian characters, political intrigue, deceit, conspiracies, murder and dragons!! Deas has portrayed a society that is rotten to the core, much in the same way as Morgan did in The Steel Remains. We are presented with all-too-human characters, bent on gratifying their own selfish needs for power and control. In their hunger to rule, they have enslaved Dragons to serve their own needs… Dragons are drugged by alchemists who administer potions to make them do their owners bidding… I have to admit that I was barracking for the dragons, in particular Snow, wanting them to burninate them all and revolt! Deas has written a modern, fact-paced story, with short punchy chapters, full of action and interest, which move from character to character… This is another brilliant Gollancz debut!!’

Burninate. Has a ring to it…

And now I want to read The Steel Remains.

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