SFX Weekender (02/02/2012)

It’s the SFX Weekender and I’ll be there with some freebies, but for those who can’t make it – well, that’s hardly fair. So, to celebrate the release of King of the Crags in the US and in the UK in small paperback format, I have the following to give away:

  • SIX first edition hardback copies of The King of the Crags
  • TWO ARCs for The King of the Crags
  • And, because I have no idea whatsoever what to do with it, ONE copy of Der Drachenthron (that’s The Adamantine Palace in german, but if you neede me to tell you that, it’s probably not much use…)

Signed and lined if you want, available to anyone in the EU (or worldwide to anyone prepared to paypal me the postage!) If you want one, you have to tell me. And that’s it.

Other stuff at the weekender.

Elsewhere, rewrites are in progress on The Black Mausoleum (early days but going well) and The King’s Assassin (about to have a huge chunk cut out of its middle grrrsnarlgnash).

9 Responses to “SFX Weekender (02/02/2012)”

  1. Aleksander Cristea says:


    I’d LOVE a hardback copy of King of the Crags signed!

    That would be amazing! What do I need to do to get one~?


  2. Antony says:


    I would love a Hardback copy, failing that an ARC would be good.

    Thank you very much.

  3. Stefan (Civilian-Reader) says:

    Hi, Would love to read the book! Just let us know what we have to do…? Either edition would be lovely… (and would come with a review)
    Thanks. Hope you enjoyed the Weekender.

  4. Lucia says:

    I’d love to read it!!! I’ll post my review on goodreads, if that’s okay!

  5. Daniel Chuter says:

    Omg yes. I’d love a signed hard cover. And I’d paypal the postage. Your books are easily some of my favourites.

  6. Stephen Deas says:

    All gone except the ARCs now. Will be in touch with you all.

  7. Troy says:


    Do you still have any copies of the ARC left?


  8. David Stock says:

    Have just read the 1st and last books, so now need to fill in the middle. So a book from the auther would be fantastic.
    Best regards David.

  9. Stephen says:

    That was 18 months ago…

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