Spot the Difference Competition (1/3/2009)

There are a number of subtle differences between the draft cover image for The Adamantine Palace posted up on this website and the actual printed cover art. Some sort of desperately trivial prize (yet to be determined and entirely subject to the whim of the author, although suggestions will be listened to) will be awarded to the first person to write in and correctly spot the differences. Yay!

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3 Responses to “Spot the Difference Competition (1/3/2009)”

  1. Stephen Deas says:

    And it’s nothing to do with the fonts…

  2. Lewis says:

    Just finished your book, was so good, picked it up because of the quote from Joe Abercrombie on the cover, which I reckon is the first difference, few others are the swirl coming from the top of “P” is missing, and the swirl from the the top of the second “a” in Palace is missing, and there looks like my copy is missing a rider or something from the back of his neck, and this might be dodgy scanning but also looks as if there’s a few more holes in his wings on our book and his right back claw is closed up more.

  3. Stephen Deas says:

    We have a winner! There were a few other entries, but what I was looking for was the missing dragon-rider. The cover art posted up here has a rider on the back of the dragon, but on the published art, the rider is gone (although the harness remains).

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