The Anvil, Solace, Dragon’s Reach

Three novelettes set in and around the events of Cold Redemption and The Last Bastion

The Anvil: in the aftermath of The Last bastionthe new Marroc king of the Varyxhun valley is looking for someone to help him steal a forge from the Forkbeards before they can mass a new army. With Gallow missing, it falls to Arda.

In Solace, Gallow and the Vathan war-leader Mirraj travel together, each on their own mission. They carry with them the cursed Aulian sword, the Edge of Sorrows, a piece of armour from a demon, and something is following them.

In Dragon’s Reach, Oribas and Achista enter the second of the two old watch-towers overlooking the mouth of the Varyxhun valley. As Witches’ Reach before it, the ruined tower has dark secrets buried under its roots. Unlike Witches’ Reach they are still there.

Gallow shorts covers

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