The Black Mausoleum (16/2/2010)

In theory I’m supposed to be taking a couple of weeks off between completing the proof-reading of King of the Crags and launching into the last rewrite of The Thief-Taker’s Apprentice and then the very-far-from-last rewrite of Order of the Scales. So I absolutely haven’t started working on something else and it absolutely isn’t called The Black Mausoleum and there absolutely aren’t 10000-odd words of this already laid down. Absolutely can’t have happened. It’s my fortnight off, after all.

In the meantime, as the UK celebrates(?) its biggest ever lottery win, I note that this would equate to selling roughly 100 million books. I’m estimating a roughly 50/50 chance of achieving this before the sun explodes [1].

For those of you looking for anything more substantial, I have left a mess over on John Scalzi’s blog, in which I fantasize  that there might be some sort of element of vicarious satisfaction or even satire involved in writing stories about enormous fire-breathing monsters burning the shit out of people who badly badly deserve it.

Oh, wait, that doesn’t happen until later…

[1]  All right all right, swells up into a red giant and vapourizing everything, strictly isn’t the same as exploding.

2 Responses to “The Black Mausoleum (16/2/2010)”

  1. N. R. Alexander says:

    Well, the sun isn’t scheduled to supernova for another 4.5 million years, so there’s a chance, Stephen. There’s a chance!

    Can you imagine the royalties? ;)

    Exactly how many books ahead of King of the Crags are you, anyway? I don’t know that I’ve ever known a more organised author.

  2. N. R. Alexander says:

    Apologies for the emoticon. I do despise the things, and if I’d have know the blog would turn it into a picture I’d have stayed very far away from my semi-colon key, I assure you.

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