The Book of the New Sun (26/6/2012)

Some people have the best ideas for stories in the middle of the night, then fall asleep and wake up remembering only that they had an idea and that it was brilliant. For some reason, I’m like that with blog posts. There were at least two really cool ideas I had for things to talk about – exciting, interesting topics directly relevant to genre fiction with with a broader scope on which I actually had something interesting to say too.

Then I went to sleep again and forgot. Ah well [1]

So instead I can haz moar bookz foar Uz. Today’s giveaway, inspired by Fantasy Faction’s July read is the Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe. This is the yellow hardcover Gollancz 50th anniversay edition containing The Shadow of the Torturer and The Claw of the Conciliator. I remember reading this in my university days. One of the guys who later had a large hand in the effects for The Matrix read it too and spent subsequent D&D sessions running around with a mercury-cored double-handed executioner’s sword.

For a bit more on the book, the Gollancz blog has an excellent post.I can’t help thinking that the recent Prince of Thorns owes more than a little to the shadow of the New Sun.

Usual rules apply. Comment here to be thrown into the hat, winners chosen at random.

[1] Possibly it was all just a dream… <cue Edith Piaff’s Je Ne Regret Rien>


10 Responses to “The Book of the New Sun (26/6/2012)”

  1. VictoriaH says:

    Was actually looking at this anniversary edition in Waterstones today, mentally put it on my ‘want’ list, then came home to see this giveaway. Awesome choice! :)

  2. Mark Lawrence says:

    If the New Sun cast a shadow on my work then it’s a pretty insubstantial one. I’m unsure if I’ve read any Wolfe. If I have it would be book 1 of this series & 30 years ago. I couldn’t tell you a single thing about the story, setting, or characters. I do plan to read the series one day though – heard a lot of good things.

  3. Kim Hoskinson says:

    This is one of those books that I don’t hear about for ages and then suddenly it’s being mentioned everywhere I turn. At some point, I should probably read the thing.

  4. Stephen says:

    @Mark, Well I read it twenty five years ago thereabouts so my recollection is hazy too, but the settings feel like they owe a nod to each other and Wolfe’s protagonist I remember being a pretty troubled fellow. More in the vein of Elric than Jorg perhaps. Dan was a big fan if I remember right.

  5. Eric says:

    This book looks amazing! It would be incredible if I had a copy for the Fantasy Book Club.

  6. Conor says:

    I just stumbled across the Fantasy Faction Book Club, and was ashamed to have never read such an influential book. I’m excited to have a good excuse to pick it up.

  7. Justin Gorman says:

    This book looks wicked good, and I would be super stoked to add it to my library.

  8. naugem says:

    I’ve always been curious about this book. This would be a good oportunity to finally read it :)

  9. Stephen says:

    The gods of random chose you, naugem, but now I need an address to send it…

  10. naugem says:

    Just replied to your email with the address.

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