Who, Where, What, When?

I don’t collect stats for this site so I have no idea whether anyone reads these posts or pays a blind bit of attention to anything I write here. I mostly imagine myself writing into the void; which is as it should be. Most of what I have to say, I say better in my books. Still, maybe now and then there’s some sense i putting up a post that says where various projects are at. So . . .

The dragons and the thief-taker.

The second dragon trilogy (Dragon Queen, The Splintered Gods, The Silver King) has started to make its appearance in the UK. There’s no sight of a US publisher for this or for the Thief-Taker series but both should be available via online retailers at some point via the US distributor Trafalgar Square. They do all appear to be available from Amazon. Dragon Queen came out in trade in August and will follow in paperback next spring, I think. The Splintered Gods is into the later stages of the edit process and should come out in June, I think. I haven’t really got going on The Silver Kings but it should be delivered in six months or so as planned. And that, I’m afraid, is going to be it for dragons for a while. If they’re ever going to make a return past The Silver King, they need to sell a lot more. I would like to go back to Deephaven and the Ice Witch and that part of the world a little more. We shall have to wait and see.

Nathan Hawke

There are no firm plans and many tentative ones for more from Mr. Hawke. Doubtless it will depend a bit on the sales figures come the end of the year. There has been talk of some sort of omnibus. I’m frankly slightly miffed with Mr. Hawke. He’s had very little review coverage but he’s getting more positive attention on Amazon than me. Grrr. As with the later dragons books, there is no US publisher but it’s available from online retailers. And dear American friends, thank you for the online review love.

Gavin Deas

Looks like this is going to be the pen name for my SF collaborations with Gavin Smith¬† that are coming out next year. Irritatingly I can’t give dates for reasons that I can’t talk about. More grrr. But all three books are done, mine and Gavin’s, and in the later stages of the edit process.

What comes next? I don’t know.

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3 Responses to “Who, Where, What, When?”

  1. Ren Kuroya says:

    there are those of us who read and pay attention. some like me wait for that next little shard of insight into the world we hope to join. waiting for that next piece of inspiration or interesting post in critical failures to give us a push. to give them an idea that will spawn a new creation. anything that can be thought can be told and as long as it is coherent at least one shall listen! I shall try to be that one. to glean as much knowledge as I can. I look forward to your help. thanks for reading!

  2. Jennifer M says:

    I wish a US publisher would pick up the dragon books, although the week or so I had to wait to receive the Dragon Queen certainly made its arrival that much sweeter :) I’m excited that the next two books will be completed so soon!

  3. Michael P says:

    I am certainly very sorry to hear that the ‘Flames’ books aren’t selling as well as you’d like. I certainly want to buy more of them for friends, but the lack of a U.S. publisher makes it difficult! Regardless, Dragon Queen was one of your best works yet, and I eagerly look forward to more in the series. Keep on writing for whatever you like; you’re a fantastic talent.

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