Christmas Cheer (27/12/11)

In the spirit of the season, have a present – an excerpty thingy.

Being a seson of not doing much real work, this is one of those times of year when I think about what comes next. So on the cards at the moment, we have:

  • Heroic fantasy in which a soldier and a scholar chase a demon across the ruins of a once-great empire.
  • Time-travelling teenagers
  • Minoan steampunk
  • A thirties-noir style fantasy in which wizards are madmen locked up in cages and the dead rise from old battlefields.
  • A vaguely sensible attempt at some Martian SF
  • Something I can’t even begin to describe but involves a magical parakeet from Belgium who speaks deathless wisdom and can defy time.

I’d say let me know here who you fancy, but it’s the parrot, isn’t it…

2 Responses to “Christmas Cheer (27/12/11)”

  1. Anna Wildheit says:

    Apparently there’s a neck to neck race between the feral parakeet population of Southwest England and that of Brussels. But one magical specimen can make the difference muahahaaa!

  2. Hilde says:

    I’m so flattered that you’re thinking of writing a book about me, Steve.

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