Diamond Cascade: Irony Does x3 On A Critical, Right?

So, anyway, if a hypothetical person happened to acquire an ancient crown that’s spent the last five hundred years sitting on the head of an ancient mummy that’s infested with mummy rot, would that hypothetical person maybe also acquire said mummy rot from picking up said crown. Turns out the answer is yes, he the hypothetical person would.

Not that I’d know any such hypothetical person. Or anything about any crown that, after all, vanished into a watery abyss never to be seen again, right. I’m a bard. Bards know these things.

Oh Shittyshittyfuckfuckbugger. How much was it for a Remove Curse spell again?


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2 Responses to “Diamond Cascade: Irony Does x3 On A Critical, Right?”

  1. 'Judge Dredd ' says:

    Ha…Ha This hypothetical person would first start sweating, itching for bandages then have a craving for foods only sold in the -Iceland- supermarkets (Everybody knows Mummies always go to Iceland)and finally they start swearing about finding a cure……….funny it sounds like you have all the symtoms…. better get it checked out soon before something falls off…..And the princely sum of 300 hundreeeeeerd gold pieces in answer to your last question. Ha.Ha.Ha

  2. 'Slaughter the mad ' says:

    At last Holly we are there….now to take on a new form…hmmmm……but which one.
    Errr Holly can you stop nibbling on my arm ‘Hungry master alway hhhungry’ Hold tight my dear soon the Bard will yours.

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