Eastercon, Football and More Reviews (14/4/2009)

Eastercon was a lot of fun. A lot of lot of fun. Stuff happened. Excellent stuff. Lots of excellent people too. Ranted about dragons some. I might post more about some bits some other day. Maybe.  About David Gemmel Legend Awards. And how you should all vote for either The Last Argument of Kings or The Blood of Elves. Or existential claptrap about why this blog exists at all.

Appear to be blogging like Rorschach now. Not sure why. Will stop.

But never mind Eastercon. Instead, after what I’ve just watched, I’m going to beg, against the grain, that Chelsea play as well against Barcelona next month as they did just now and that you all put down your books for an evening and watch two excellent teams on the top of their game kick a ball about. Last week Chelsea were at the top of their game too and that time  we weren’t. This week we both were and I’ve not seen anything like it since the UEFA Cup final in 2001 (you might argue about Istanbul. Be my guest). Obviously the wrong side came out on top, but if you have to go out of a cup, that was the way to do it. So go, Chelsea and let’s see a 5-3 aggregate win over Barcelona followed by a 3-0 destruction of Manchester United in the final while we nick the league out from behind them. Keep playing like that and I might admit you’re not too bad actually. One day.


It occurs to me at this point that most of the people reading this might just about have formed the idea that I’m talking about that Association Football malarkey and are now wondering why. So let me re-phrase: Steve spent the evening doing something other than writing and made no useful progress on any on-going projects. There’s a significant risk that other similar evenings may occur. Elsewhere, to keep you happy, the crosshairs of completion are slowly drawing a bead on the end of the third dragon book and The Adamantine Palace has quietly made the national press in the form of The Daily Telegraph:

“[Dragons] …restored to all their scaly fire-breathing glory.”

You can also now read the Falcatta Times review on-line, should you so wish: “Roll over McCaffrey, there’s a new Dragon Lord in town.”

There. Better?

Oh, and thank-you to those of you who’ve been putting up Amazon reviews. If I’d managed to do the T-shirt printing thing and had any left over, I’d have sent you one…

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