Giveaway: The Fateguard Trilogy (again) (20/1/2015)

Nathan Hawke’s short The Anvil comes out as an e-book on the 12th February. In order to get ready for what will doubtless be THE fantasy event of the year (and so soon, too), Nathan is launching a massive publicity campaign which will consist of signing every single physical copy of the e-book, a gruelling one-stop signing and reading event at the Super Relaxed Fantasy Club and a market-saturating giveaway of a whole one other copy of The Fateguard Trilogy. 940 pages. 330,000 words. Everything Hawke has ever written. A man with an axe on the cover. What more could you want?

Usual deal – comment on this post before Monday January 26th and I’ll randomly select a lucky victim for a free copy. Super Relaxed Fantasy Club is meeting on the 27th January, 6:30 at the Grange Holborn Hotel. from past eperience I recommend getting there a little early in order to have a chance of finding where we’ve all gone. There might be a few copies available on the the night, but more importantly there are going to be a slew of fantasy authors, editors and, most of all, fans, hanging out. If you’re the lucky winner and you’re going to be there, I’ll bring the book; otherwise no one has complained (so far) about how long it takes me to get to the post office and post things, but  it can take a while and if you live abroad then it can take even longer. Sorry about that, but they do get there eventually. Well, so far. Am currently up to date, in that all recent winners have been posted.


16 Responses to “Giveaway: The Fateguard Trilogy (again) (20/1/2015)”

  1. Su Jolly says:

    As recommended by the lovely Alex Tingle.

  2. Brandon Boss says:

    That guy looks a wee bit angry, I’d love to find out why…

  3. Mark Stavnicky says:

    This book looks good. Great reviews on Goodreads. I’d like to read it.

  4. Margo Hurwicz says:

    I’ve gotten lucky with Gallow before, so here’s hoping I do again. Because I really need the 3-in-one version :)

  5. Rob Blake says:

    I am truly up for this one.

  6. Steven Poore says:

    This could be the book that overbalances my TBR mountain… :)

  7. Adam Selby-Martin says:

    Not going to the event, but certainly sounds interesting! Also definitely want to read Fateguard as well.

  8. Ade Couper says:

    Can’t make SRFC, but would love to get my hands on this

  9. Paul says:

    I’ve read part one and couldn’t recommend it more. I even gave it to two people for christmas

  10. Dave B says:

    Count me in, please :)

  11. Dan says:

    Well, I’ve always wanted a book with an axe on. I mean another one other than Abercrombie’s The Heroes.

    What’s SRFC like anyway? i follow on twitter but have never gone to a gathering.

  12. Shack says:

    But Gallow’s written by a bloke called Nathan Hawke so why… oh… if you’re him, who’s Stephen Deas? :) Love the books, count me in.

  13. Robin says:

    Love this series

  14. James V says:

    He does look angry. Perhaps he needs to switch to decaf.

    Or maybe someone did it for him.

  15. Paul Livesey says:

    Always a sucker for a man with an axe.

  16. Stephen Deas says:

    The gods of Random choose Rob Blake.

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