More Dragons to Give Away (4/7/2012)

The Book of the New Sun didn’t go down nearly as well as I thought it would but now I have more books to give away, this time another pair of The King of the Crags and The Order of the Scales as one lot (again). That’s the UK editions and I will sign and line them if you want. Perfect for anyone who got The Adamantine Palace[1] but never got around to the others, and yes, I have several more lots to give away because I need to clear space for when the new covers come out. You haven’t seen the new covers? Go see the new covers.

As a reminder, by the way, here are the old ones. Usual story – leave a comment on this posts if you’re interested in two free books and the gods of random will make their choice come the weekend. Also, tell me whether you like the new covers better than the old ones or the other way round or neither. Also also, have I mentioned the new covers?

ORDER OF THE SCALES draft coverKing of the Crags - Draft cover

If anyone was following my MOPNOWRIMO projects earlier in the year, the one I did in February is going through what might be its last rewrite and the one I did in May, which I distinctly remember thinking sucked like a Dyson[2], is pushing two thirds through its first re-drafting and turns out not to be so bad at all, once you get rid of certain obstacles like one major secondary character doing too much vacillating, too much descriptive waffle and the pointless and unnecessary addition of a primary non-human antagonist when there was a perfectly good human one just sitting there waiting to be used. Once he didn’t have NO HANDS any more. Never give your villain no hands. Really. Just don’t.[3]

[1] To be clear: The books I’m giving away this time are parts two and three of a trilogy. The Adamantine Palace is part one.

[2] I am getting spam from purveyors of Tutus again. This is a test to see if I can get some more technically oriented spam, because as a purveyor of FIRE-BREATHING MONSTERS I find that tutus, even in spam-form, seem remarkably… well, wrong.

[3] See previous post on no-handed heroes if you really really want to know.

12 Responses to “More Dragons to Give Away (4/7/2012)”

  1. Mieneke van der Salm (@Pallekenl) says:

    Well, I’m one such who has Adamantine Palace and still needs to get the other two, so I’d like to drop my name in the hat so to speak :-)

  2. Dan says:

    The old covers are good and quite minimalistic with good use of colours, I do like them. However you can’t deny that the artwork on the new covers is exceptional, very nice. If I saw them in a bookshop I would pick both of them up for a look, the old covers are still eye-catching, but I’d make a grab for the new covers first! (You just can’t beat the detailed art of a fire-breathing monster!)

  3. Andrea Butler says:

    I’d love these books!
    I think I prefer these old covers to the new ones, the new ones look good but think these more minimalistic ones are nicer.

  4. Stephen Mellor says:

    I’m afraid I can’t comment on the relative goodness of old vs new, but I do like the new covers. I’ve only just discovered you on Twitter, but I’ve bought The Adamantine Palace and so I’d like to put my name down for the competition, please.


  5. Sarah Kirkham says:

    You can never go wrong with dragons. As much as I love the old covers, they do look a bit dated, and the new ones are very modern! Definitely prefer the new ones x

  6. Josh Turner says:

    I like the new covers, so much so that they made me pick up book 1 off the shelf recently having not previously heard of them. Lucky to find a competition for the other 2.

  7. Fi Clarke says:

    Another one guilty of buying, reading and loving The Adamantine Palace but still not owning the next two, sorry!!! I love the old covers, to be completely honest the new covers are a bit much for me…

  8. Sabrina says:

    Putting my name down because The Adamantine Palace was a fantastic read! I much prefer the old covers in all honesty. The artwork on the new covers is very nice, but a bit too standard-fantasy for my taste. The minimalism and up-to-date stylistic look certainly contributed to me picking up TAP.

  9. Paul Weimer (@PrinceJvstin) says:

    The Book of the New Sun didn’t go down nearly as well as I thought it would.

    Didn’t like it as much as you thought you would?

    As far as covers…I’ve got to say the new covers, definitely.

  10. Lasse Juel says:

    Putting my name in the bucket and crossing my fingers.

    I prefer the old covers, which I consider timeless aswell. The new covers are very enticing, but I always prefer the style of the old covers. It gives books and stories a more serious and epic feel, in my opinion.

  11. Kris says:

    Putting my name down as well!
    Quite like the new covers to be honest. Like giving a new coat of paint to the walls.

  12. Jura says:

    I like the new covers more but what I really fancy are the words between the covers so would like to sign up for the giveaway! Thanks

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