Mr Grumpy (6/6/2012)

I’m not blogging much this week partly because it’s half term and partly because the internet is turning me into Mr Grumpy. I’m largely uninterested in the Jubliee, ambivalent about the monarchy, vaguely Yay! about the Olympics and fairly Boo! about Workfare (or at least the way its been implemented), but right now the people to whose view I’m usually largely sympathetic are leaving me feeling like a nazi-grade nationalist for not being a rabid republican and a plantation slaver for sometimes demanding that my children do their homework before they’re allowed to play on the Xbox. An just let’s not even get started about Prometheus, OK? I haven’t seen it yet and I seriously don’t want to know, so you can all just get off of my cloud for a bit.

I have books to give away again, this time paperbacks of The King of the Crags and The Order of the Scales as one lot (again). That’s the UK editions and I will sign and line them if you want. Perfect for anyone who got The Adamantine Palace but never got around to the others.

ORDER OF THE SCALES draft coverKing of the Crags - Draft cover

MOPNOWRIMO Day 37. Up to  99000 words now. Trying to make myself write the ending now I know what it is. The muse demands I go back to the first and second books and rewrite those instead, the schedule says finish this one. Meh.


8 Responses to “Mr Grumpy (6/6/2012)”

  1. Dragonladych says:

    Me, me, me! ;)

  2. Andrea Butler says:

    Yes please!

  3. Alistair says:

    Ok I admit I’ve only read ‘The Adamantine Palace’ and would love to read the ‘The King of the Crags’ and ‘The Order of the Scales’. And to have them signed too!

  4. Iangr says:

    Hey!Not fair!I’m well into “King of the Crags” already!!!

    Going to see Prometheus tonight,I’m getting mixed reviews,so what better than a signed book from you as a consolation prize,in case the movies sucks hard?

  5. Kazzy Stallwoood says:

    omgggg me please!!!! :D I love this sort of book :P *want*

  6. Henry Eggleton says:

    Always like a good read

  7. Rayna So says:

    *smiles* I would love an opportunity to read your next two books. Thanks.

  8. Jura says:

    Mmmmmm yes please – these are on my wants list :)

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