The Warlock’s Shadow (October 2011 UK)

Two years have passed. Berren is becoming a man and learning the thief-taker’s trade; But the thief-taker’s own past is about to catch up with both of them.

Read an excerpt here.

warlocks shadow cover - shrunk

First review up was Liviu Suciu at the Fantasy Book Critic: “…a highly recommended novel that stands well on its own until the cliffhanger ending…” I Thank you, Liviu. I do try to avoid cliffhangers, but the temptation overwhelmed me on this occasion!

Next up, LEC Book reviews: Dragon-monks, assassins, necromancy and enemies long-forgotten are all at the rendez-vous in this greatly entertaining novel.”

“…a lovely relaxed storytelling style…” Lowly’s Book Blog

This is such a great little series that requires little time and investment for a great return so I recommend it to all fantasy fans! Fixed on Fantasy

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  1. Barry Weaver says:

    I loved the first book, and can’t wait to read Warlock’s Shadow. In the age of ereaders, it is frustrating that this is not available on ebook in the US. Can someone explain why the ebook is for sale in the UK but not the US? Until then, I am impatiently waiting to buy this novel.



  2. Stephen says:

    No US publisher for this series is the long and the short of it.

  3. Barry says:

    Thanks Stephen; that is surprising and unfortunate. I really liked the Thief-Takers Apprentice. I guess I will have to order Warlock’s Shadow from a 3rd party vendor on Amazon. I look forward to reading more of your work (just picked up the Adamantine Palace).

  4. Michael says:

    where can i get this book in ebook format in Australia ?

  5. Stephen says:

    It is a nuisance, I agree. Trying to do something about it!

  6. Stephen Deas says:

    Amazon australia? Boomerang books? Not sure why Amazon UK wouldn’t deliver you an e-book though, since the Australian edition and the UK edition are the same thing.

  7. Barry says:

    I am a US resident and I have tried Amazon.UK, Kobobooks, and a couple other UK booksellers and they all say the The Warlock’s Shadow is not available internationally, only in select countries. Stephen, I know this isn’t your fault, but I hope you can get your publisher to provide international rights for the eBook. I have already ordered the paperback from a 3rd party vendor on Amazon, but would rather have the eBook.

  8. Stephen says:

    Australian e-book vendor. Probably not to the US though.

  9. Brian says:

    Tried just for grins, but yup, they won’t sell you a copy unless you have an Australian address. Pity. Will have to import a hardcopy version, I suppose.

  10. John E. says:

    Are their any updates on when this might be available in electronic format for the US? I read the entire Thief-Takers Apprentice in one sitting… Must have more. :)

  11. Stephen says:

    I’m afraid not. I have asked Twitter… We shall see whether the hivemind is of any use here.

  12. Stephen says:

    I’m giving away a couple of copies right now – open until 16th June

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