Dragons World Tour: Sweden (30/3/09)

The Adamantine Palace has gone to Sweden for April, where, in one corner of Scandanavia, it has become book of the month. Apparently it’s got “Alkemister, drakpräster, blodsmagiker och en mystisk främmande makt frÃ¥n andra sidan have…”

Now, speaking English quite fluently as with reasonably passable German, I reckon you can have a go at Swedish. What have we got here? Alchemists, dragon-priests, blood-mages and, er… a mysterious folk from across the sea…? Well the alchemists, dragon-priests, blood-mages was easy enough, wasn’t it? Apparently not. Not if you’re an automatic translation service. “Dr. Machine-gun priests?!” There are none of those in The Adamantine Palace. Although it has got me thinking for the sequels…

There’s also a little interview there, if you care to look for it. In English.

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