Random Progress Report (15/11/11)

There’s some real blogging over here this week (thought I’d deface someone else’s site for a change).

(Updated 22/11)

There’s a whole bunch of stuff that’s almost finished. The last read-through of The King’s Assassin is almost finished. The first structural rewrite of Dragon Queen is almost finished. Here’s a tiny tiny spoiler. It’s a story about a queen and her dragon and the dragon-queen is . . .

Ah no. But who would you want it to be?

The edits for The Black Mausoleum are (still) almost finished (definitely by the end of last week, was it? But I’m not ready for them just yet so that’s OK). The samples chapters for Mystery Project U are almost finished. A pitch for a new YA series is almost ready.

With a bit of luck, they’ll all be finished (except the edits) by the end of the week, in which case I might even have a week off and see how far I can raise my blood pressure by playing some more Dark Souls CoD MW3.

After that, back to Sodium Hydride project, and then back to Dragon Queen in the new year.

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