Name That Tune Book Giveaway

The Black Mausoleum was release in its small paperback form last week and I have copies to give away. This week on Twitter (@stephendeas) I’ll be playing a game of Name-That-Tune in which I quote lyrics from obscure songs that I listened to while writing The Black Mausoleum and its sequel, Dragon Queen. The first person to reply with the correct song title wins a copy of the book.

As usual, the competition is open worldwide although international deliveries may take a little time and will require a phone number (not my rule).

I’ll post the name of the songs on Twitter once they’re guessed and maybe even a little about them. I’ll be running this from the 19th March until the weekend or until I run out of books to give away.



3 Responses to “Name That Tune Book Giveaway”

  1. Sam Baskin says:

    The Boxer Rebellion – The Gospel Of Goro Adachi

  2. Kris says:

    Rammstein – Reise, Reise

  3. Stephen says:

    Not Reise reise. Right album – was Dalai Lama (and someone else got there first – sorry)

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